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Standing Committees

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Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is in charge of the term and schedule of the general meeting,specialmeetings, and other meetings. It manages matters related tocouncil office affairs,such aslegislation and revision of regulationsregarding council affairs. It works to ensure that council activities are carried out properly, and makes background for open council, policy-oriented council, serving for citizens council, and productive council.

Steering committee

Administration Committee

The Administration Committee is responsible forthe audit office, public information office, planning and management office, administration office, fire department headquarters, public official training center, and facility management of public corporations. It works to foster local economicgrowth and promotes the local information society. It also strives to raise theproductivity of public officials and prepares forchangesin theadministration environment. Its various activities help promote competence and social welfare and improve inefficientsystems.

Administration committee

Culture and Welfare Committee

The Culture and Welfare Committee is in charge of the Bureau of Culture,Sports, and Tourism, the Organizing Committee for the IAAF World Championship, the Bureau of Womens Health and Welfare, the Health Environment Institute, and the DaeguHealth Care Center. Its activities promote women's social status and health by improving living environments for women and supportingsocial participation by women. It also serves to broadenthe cultural infrastructure necessary for building a developed cultural city.

Culture & welfare committee

Economy and Traffic Committee

The Economy and Traffic Committee is responsible forthe Bureau of Economy and Trade, the Bureau of Traffic, the Bureau of New Technology Business, Daegu Metropolitan Transit, and the DaeguMetropolitan Transit Headquarters. Its aim is topromote local growth and the convenience of citizensby vitalizing the local economy, solvingDaegus traffic problems, expand ing public transportation, and ensuring the safe construction of subway facilities.

Economy & traffic committee

Construction and Environment Committee

The Construction and Environment Committee is in charge of the Bureau of Environmental Green Belt, the Bureau of City Housing, the Bureau of Construction and DisasterPrevention, the City Design General Headquarters, the WaterworksHeadquarters, the Construction and Management Headquarters, the City Corporation, and the Environment and Facility Corporation. Its goals areto expand city infrastructure to achievebalanced growth, increase city afforestationto make better living spaces for citizens, effectively manage water quality to promotepublic health, and increase the standard of living in the city. As part of its effort toward achieving these goals, the committeecollects various opinions from citizens and communicatesthem to the administration. In the long term, the committee pursues greaterconveniencefor the citizens of the city.

Construction & environment committee

Educational Committee

The Educational Committee is responsibleforrunning theDaeguMetropolitan City Office of Education, and it develops various activities that are aimed atcreating and establishingeducational policies and fostering aknowledge-based society.

ducational committee