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Duty and Term of Council Members

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Duty and term of council members

Duty and term. The term is 4 years and we do our best as the representative for the citizen.

Council members must perform their duties sincerely, according to their conscience, and inconsideration of thepublic interest.
Council membersareobliged to be upright members of society and maintain their dignity.
Council members must not abuse their power to gain property, rights, or position while carrying out their duties with the local government andpublic organizations or enterprises,and also must not request positionsor benefits for other people.
The term for council members is fouryears, beginning the day after the finalday of the term of the former council member.
However, in the case of a by-election, the term of the electedmember begins onthe day of the electionand continues until the end of the term of the former council member.