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Council / Organization

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  • Election: Elected through the universal, equal, direct and secret vote by local citizens.
  • Composition: 30 members (27 from electoral districts, 3 proportional reps)

Chairman / Vice-Chairman

  • Composition: 1 Chairman. 2 Vice chairmen
  • Election: Chairman and vice chairman are each elected by secret ballot, when there is an attendance of more than half of the total members, and a candidate receives votes from more than half of the members present.
  • Term: 2 year
  • Chairman: The chairman represents the local council as council representative rights and has a wide range of procedural authority for the effective and reasonable management of proceedings. In addition, the chairman keeps order in the council room, and directs and supervises the affairs of council.
  • Vice chairman: At the time of accident of the chairman, the vice president shall fill the position

General Meeting

  • A General meeting is the decision-making body consists of all council members.
  • Final decisions on all matters submitted to the council are made after being reviewed by the members at the general meeting.


A committee is the organ that conducts preliminary reviews of bills before being submitted to the general meeting. It is an in-council organ intended to enhance the efficacy, expertise, and technicality of the bill deliberation process, and safeguards the autonomy of the proceedings management.

[Standing committee]
There are six standing committees in the Council: Steering committee, Administration committee, Culture & welfare committee, Economy & Traffic committee, Construction & environment committee, and Educational committee. The standing committees deliberates and resolve bills and petitions under their jurisdictions, and attend to civil affairs.
[Special committee]
The general meeting can decide to form the special committee to consider specific matters.


Chairman, Vice chairman, Standing committee, Special committee, Steering committee, Administration committee, Culture & welfare committee, Economy & traffic committee, Construction & environment committee, Educational committee