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Council Attendance Guide

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Council Attendance Guide


[Typeof attendance]

  • - General: General citizens
  • - Group: More than 10 people from educational or other organizations
  • - Permanent: Members of the pressand public officials who are required to attend

[How to attend]

Submit application(to office) → Receive permission → Get ticket (from office) → Attend
Attendeesmust show validID (driver's license or passport)


  • - Do not enter the hall.
  • - Do not wear a hat orcoat.
  • - Do not bring materials that are unrelated to the council.
  • - Do not smoke oreat.
  • - Do not read newspapers or other books.
  • - Do not record, tape, orphotograph without the permission of the chairman.
  • - Do not expressyour opinion or clap intentionally.
  • - Do not cause any disturbance.

Attendance Restrictions

Applicants may be restricted from attending for the following reasons.

  • - Possession ofa weapon or dangerous item
  • - Drunkenness
  • - Suspicion of potential to cause disruption or danger
  • Those under the age of 12 may attend only with thepermission of the chairman.
  • The chairman can limit the number of observers for the purpose of maintainingorder.


Council Tour


The Council Tour provides people with a look around the facilities ofthe council building.

  • - Time: 10:00~12:00, 14:00~16:00
  • - Council Tour is not held on Sundays or holidaysorwhen a general meeting is in progress.

Anybody wants attending or tour, please contact with our homepage.
Contact: Daegu metropolitan council office (T:803-5041)