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The chair man Do Jae Jun

I welcome Daegu residents and netizens who visited the website of Daegu Metropolitan Council.

The 7th Daegu Metropolitan Council will focus on citizen-oriented, at-site and policy-centered activites, with cooperation and transparency as core values of the council.

As a representative of 2.5 million Daegu residents' voices, the council will strive to establish a council where all members concentrate their capabilities and efforts to make it supportive one and one that prepares for future of Daegu.

In partnership with administration based on mutual trust and respect, the council will increase the synergy of residents and government. Also, with various efforts to promote residents' participation and cooperation, it will help widen the spectrum of self-governance at citizens's discretion.

In addition, the council will focus on fulfilling true self-governance by local government through reform of irrational system and ensuring independence of the council.

I ask you for your continuous support and interests. I expect our website to serve as a forum for open discussion and information-sharing with regards to the council and its activities.

Thank you very much

The 7th council chairman Do Jae Jun