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  • A petition is a system for relief of damage, request for correction or discipline for any official's illegal, unfair acts, establishment, revision, or abrogation of laws, order, ordinances, and rules; and for submission of public opinions and suggestions regarding public institution or facility management.
  • A petition must be submitted as a written document, with at least one council member in support of its presentation. But if the petition includes content that interferes with a court proceeding, shows contempt for a state agency or is against the laws and ordinances, and the same petition has been submitted more than twice to the same agency, or the same petition has been submitted to more than two agencies, it cannot be accepted.

Petition proceeding

  • - Document needs name, address, signing and sealing
  • - Introduction of more than 1 council member (Attached written opinion)
  • - Illegal or defames of government contents can not be accepted
The standing committee deliberation
  • - The related council member should explain if it is necessary
Report to the chairman
  • - Report to the chairman in 20 days (Not in the closed session)
  • - If is decided that it is not necessary for general meeting, its result should be reported to the chairman, and the chairman should inform to petitioner
The general meeting deliberation and vote
  • - In case of work for the mayor, it should be transfer to the mayor with attached opinion
Transfer to the mayor
Report result to the council
  • - The mayor deals it and report result to the council without delay
Inform to the petitioner
  • - The council should inform the result to the petitioner

Inform to the petitioner


The chairman should inform to the petitioner.

01. When it accepted and submitted to the committee

02. When the committee reports that it is not necessary for general meeting

03. When the general meeting deals it

04. When the council gets report about transferred petition to the mayor