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Standing committee


The duties and responsibilities of the standing committee including deliberation of various bills such as regulations and petitions submitted to them, reviewing work reports from, and ask and answer to, the related offices, bureaus, and headquarters, make proposals on matters under their jurisdiction, and audit and investigate administrative work.

[Duties and Jurisdictions of the Standing Committee]
The standing committee is in charge of handling and processing bill deliberation and petitions that belong to its jurisdiction.
[The standing committee Member]
The standing committee members are nominated by the chairman, and are confirmed by a decision made at the general meeting.
Each council member is entitled to become a member of a standing committee, but may also hold a concurrent office as a member of the steering committee.
The chairman is not allowed to become a member of a standing committee.
[Term for the standing committee member]
A standing committee member can hold office for two years after their election. However, if the term for a member appointed after a general election expires during the closing period of a session, the member can extend his term of office until the day before a newly appointed member begins his term.
The term for a standing committee member, who is appointed to replace a former member, is the remaining period of the previous member.
[The standing committee chairman]
A standing committee will have one chairman.
The chairman will be nominated from among members of the committee, and be elected at the general meeting in the same way as the chairman.
The term for the chairman is the same as that of the committee members.
The chairman may resign his post with the approval of the general meeting. However, during the session closing period, he can only resign with the permission of the chairman.
The chairman represents the committee, directs proceedings, keeps order, and supervises committee affairs.
The committee will have an assistance.
The assistant is elected by mutual election, and the results of which will be reported to the general meeting.
In case of accident, the assistance will perform duties on his behalf.

Special committee


The special committee can be established by a decision of the general meeting, in order to deliberate and handle specific matters for the short term. The council will have a Special Committee on Budget and Accounts for the deliberation on budget drafts and accounts. In addition, the council will also have the special committee on Discipline & Qualifications to review matters involving member's discipline and qualifications.

[Duties and term for the special committee]
The duties of the special committee including the deliberation of matters that are not under the auspices of any other standing committee, and matters that are considered of particular importance, drafting budget & accounts, auditing and investigating administrative affairs.
The special committee remains until its deliberated matters are decided at the general meeting.
[The special committee members]
The special committee member is recommended by the chairman, and appointed by a decision of the general meeting from among the members of the standing committee.
The designated number of the special committee members will be decided by the chairman's proposal or the contents of a resolution, in accordance with the of its existence.
[The special committee chairman]
The special committee will have one chairman assigned by mutual election of the committee, the result will be reported to the general meeting.
Until the chairman is appointed, the senior member of the committee will perform the duties on his behalf.
The chairman can resign from the post with the approval of the committee.

The subcommittee

  • The committee can have subcommittee when it is necessary for effective deliberation of bills.
  • When the subcommittee finishes its deliberation, the subcommittee chairman will report the process and results of the deliberation to the committee.