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Civil complaint

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Civil complaint


Civil complaints may consist of a written petition, a recommendation, a letter of entreaty, a letter of inquiry, or a letter of appeal sent by the complainer to the council chairman, the committee chairman, or a council member. However, the simple action of expressing an opinion, such as a written resolution, a public statement, and a written demand, is not considered to be a civil complaint. Still, they may reflect on council management.



  • - By secretary general
  • - If it is necessary, issue filing receipt
  • [In case of non-accept]
  • - Matters of violation for judgement,
  • - Matters of defamed the president of Korea
  • - Matters of defamed the chairman or council members
  • - Matters of more than 3 times submission. The latter can not be accepted
  • - Matters of not correct address, name and contents of petition
Submission to
the committee
  • - Making petition
  • - Submission to the related committee
The committee deliberation
  • - The related expert deliberates
  • - The chairman confirms or the standing committee deliberates
Inform the result
  • - Inform to the complainant in 30 days after accept
  • - Inform to the related council member