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Bill Process

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All local council matters are called items,and bills are the items officially submitted by council members or local government heads, and require a vote.


Bill Process

  • More than 1/5, or 10, of the council members are required topropose a bill.
  • Head of local government (regulations, budget, agreement/approval)
  • The committee
Report to the general meeting
  • Whenthe session of the general meetingis closedor in recess, bills maybe submitted to the council first.
Committee submission for deliberation
  • The committee chairman can submit the bill and decide the term of deliberation.
Committee vote
  • Any discarded items can be submitted to the general meeting for a vote, if the general meeting deems it necessary.
Report to the chairman
General meeting for deliberation and vote
  • If a new item poses a financial burden, the local government head must be present at the hearing.
  • The re-deliberatedbill mustbe voted on within10 days.
When a violation of a law is involved, a second discussion should be heldwithin 20 days.
Transfer to the local government head
  • Should be transferred within 5 days (3 days in case of budget item)
Proclamation of the local head
  • In case of regulations in 20 days
Acceptance of proclamation by the council
  • Acceptance of proclamation by the council
Bring to the supreme courtwithin 20 days